Dual Infrared/Contact Thermometer

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The Best of Both Worlds!!

When non-contact and insertion temperature readings are required, this thermometer allows you to do both without the necessity of having two different units. Although you can only select one mode at a time switching from one mode to another is fast and easy.

F°/C° selectable.
Accuracy –
Thermocouple Probe – +/- 0.8°C/1.4°F or 1% of reading, whichever is greater
Infra-red – +/- 2°C/4°F or 2% of reading, whichever is greater
Min, max, lock, hold and auto off functions.
Temperature range -27° to 428°F/-33° to 220°C with one second response time.
White light targeting illumination zone.
Adjustable emissivity.
Infrared scan specification: distance to spot ratio= 1 to 1; emissivity=0.95~1 step .01; wave length=8um-14um.
Temperature range -67° to 626°F/-55° to 330°C with one second response time.
4″ fold out probe

Carrying case
CR2032 Lithium Batteries*


*This thermometer is new and unused but it is old stock and the packaging might be damaged. We also want to make you aware that we cannot guarantee how long the battery included will work for.