Dial Oven Thermometer

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It is so easy just to turn the oven on and assume that when the thermostat light switches off your oven is at the correct temperature for cooking.

More and more people are under cooking their meat and fish and leaving themselves susceptible to anything from the unpleasantness of an upset stomach to the debilitating effects of food poisoning.

With the Dial Oven Thermometer you can ensure that your oven is both reaching and staying at the required temperature to kill the various bugs naturally found in uncooked meat and fish.

Large easy-to-read Dial
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Can Stand or Securely Hang with Clip
Temperature Range 65 to 287 C or 150 to 550 F
Shows Temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit

Product Measures: 8cm (h) by 6.5 cm (w) by 4 cm (d at widest point)


*This thermometer is new and unused but it is old stock and the packaging might be damaged.